The Tenet of Program

The program is committed to introducing Australian educational resources such as quality educational concepts and resources through certified curriculum, so as to achieve the integration of educational tradi-tions and cultures in curriculum, higher education, campus life and student services. On the basis of it, it will help ambitious Chinese students who are going to be “the citizen of the world” to gain richer growth experience and win a broader space for development on the international stage.

The Purpose of Program

Develop a learning culture based on respect and responsibility, allows students be educated by original Australian high school courses in China, so as to inspire and develop students' independent thinking and creativity.

During the school period, the students will study actively instead of passively, which will develop their personality instead of paying attention to the results of the examination, establish a world outlook centered on the public interest rather than the personal interest, and cultivate their independence and individuality with the traditional British aristocratic education concept, so as to make them be the person with dignity, courage, fraternity, and responsibility.

Students who have graduated from high school after three years of study can apply for Australian Universities without language examination (i.e. IELS exam)

Curriculum Highlights

World Recognition

Students of this program can obtain the high school status of the Ministry of Education of Western Australia, which is under the direct responsibility of the Ministry of Education and the Administration of Western Australia and provides the best quality assurance. After graduation, students can be awarded the high school diploma by the Australian government, which is superior, advanced and authoritative all over the world. And the diploma is recognized by all Australian universities and universities in other native English speaking regions and countries.

Subject English is Better than IELTS

IELTS can be exempt from the examination after passing the test of English in the course, and students can apply directly for universities in Australia with the score of ATAR or universities around the world with the WACE certificate. ATAR, the ranking of all Australian high school examinations, is also the national standard for Australian high school students applying to university.

The Characteristic of Equivalence

The whole process of course is taught by foreign teachers with pure English in small class, in which all courses are implemented in accordance with the syllabus of the Australian Department of Education. Therefore, it is purely official course, and authentic Australian high school course.

Wide Range of Curriculum Choices

The WACE and ATAR systems have more than 100 school courses to choose from, and each school may choose to offer courses appropriate to its own circumstances.

Quality Education Replaces that One Examination Decides the Fate of One's Life

The Australian college entrance examination system adopts the form of many tests in two years, which then synthesizes the examination and evaluation result many times in two years, so as to break the high pressure environment that one examination decides the fate of one’s life.

Deep and close communication

Through the Innovalley, which allows for the close educational exchanges with Australia, the Innovalley alumni makes students still familiar with Australia when coming to Australia after graduation from high school. At the same time, it will offer more possibilities to explore locally after completing all of your studies here.